Corporate Profile

Dogsy® is an international (fast food) restaurant which celebrates everything that’s good and delicious about its namesake. An incredible and delicious snack named Panchuque!

Dogsy® fast food business model is based on offering our customers a limited number of just amazingly delicious products that satisfies their high demand.

Dogsy® is driven to create and serve according to the following standards:

  • Highest quality product and service
  • Easy control and delivery
  • High returns on investments

The culture of Dogsy® is founded in our Argentinean origins and so demonstrates an abundance of:

  • High family values (this being the centre of Argentine life)
  • Strong and respected business relationships
  • Expressive and passionate communication style
  • Tactful and diplomatic approach
  • Strong interest in multicultural exchange



Create and serve our delicious fast food menu around the world


To be first choice for amazing taste, value and delicious quick service eating


  • Effectiveness: We create a high productivity environment.
  • Teamwork:  We live our values for the satisfaction, fun and success of all.
  • Compromise: We develop a system with the purpose of offering excellence.
  • Communication: We are open to discussion.
  • Evolution: Constantly improving.
  • Participation: Organizational learning comes from all the company members.
  • Opportunity: We create progress opportunities for the responsible and outstanding staff.
  • Moral responsibility: We are relentless in reinforcing standards of morality and justice.