Dogsy® System

How we do it?

Initially, we blend good management practice with the selection of a variety of products well oriented to simplify control and operation with the objective of systematically minimize intern corruption and discarded supplies.

We sell astonishing snacks that match with conditions of authenticity, simpleness for its preparation and low costs with high profits.

The preparation of the mix of Dogsy® products demands surgical levels. Our menu is designed to promote only profitable sales and avoid useless billing, which increases taxes, losses on wages and damages industrial equipment.

A Dogsy® branch sells a very reduced mix of products, prepared with readily identifiable and chargeable supplies with high margins.

Dogsy® lowers the need to employ more people to the optimum, which usually turns the operation into a more complex process and it’s the source of every management issues.

On the other hand, because it’s about snacks with low prices and reduced costs, our organization feeds itself as from favorable economic contexts as also it does from crisis. What affects the rest of the society makes Dogsy® stronger.

The Dogsy® franchise charges a starter fee and a fixed monthly payment independent from the franchise’s sells. Dogsy® does not discourage your effort to progress.