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Muncom is a worldwide virtual shopping mall, providing a free & personalized e-commerce solution to anyone willing to offer products and services online. A shopping cart functionality links directly to your product list, allowing you to display prices and pictures within your own store domain: http://www.your_store.muncom.com

When a buyer completes an order, the seller receives an instant message containing both order’s details along with buyer’s contact information.

The seller has the choice of rejecting the transaction. (Considering that at this point of the process the seller already received all buyer’s contact information, the transaction could still take place privately completely outside the system).

Our service consists in facilitating the free online store, allowing anyone to sell anything (sweets, stones, stationery, pizzas, home-made cigarettes, etc) as long as there is a buyer. Muncom does not exercise any type of controls over transactions taking place in the virtual shopping mall.


Muncom´s mission is to Create a framework which unfolds and channels the creative forces available in the planet; in other words, to promote freedom.


This project looks forward to generate a revolutionary positioning of the world’s commerce, creating an enterprise which increases productivity all over the world by giving any seller the chance of using Muncom as a selling channel.

Business model

The free online store function is to generate viral marketing -> Links In (SEO) -> Demand services from shopping (Muncom’s Search Engine).

Hence, Muncom provides unlimited and personal stores for free, but it doesn’t guarantee traffic. The owners are totally responsible for marketing their stores; likewise, if a customer wants to make a purchase, he will be required to register in Muncom. That’s where the viral process starts: he finds out that the store is a free online Muncom store, and he may also open his own store if he so desires.

Each Muncom store has very small key words that link to the Muncom’s home page, spontaneously creating more Links – in; and increasing Muncom presence in search engines.

The Service that the store demands from the Shopping (Muncom’S Search Engine) is the key to de business model:

  • The Shopping’s function is based on an Algorithm that rewards “cooperation within the system” and commercial success.
  • For every sale made within the system, the stores obtain an increasing value: The Muncom Rank.
  • When a user makes a search on the Muncom home page, the algorithm defines what stores are going to show first, which naturally will be those with a higher Muncom Rank.

That means that the stores are free: users work without paying anything, and so do their customers. But once a sale is made the system charges a VOLUNTARY commission OF X%. If a store does not pay the commission, it will work just the same with unlimited tools and features; however, the function of the voluntary commission is to maintain operative the ranking at the online shopping (Muncom Rank) , ie, if the store owner chooses not pay the commission, his ranking goes back to zero and the store becomes invisible to the Muncom search engine. If users omit the Muncom Search Engine tool, they can have their store forever without paying a penny (so long as they keep actively using it). Conversely, if they want to make use of the Search Engine feature, they will want to pay the commission.

Note that if a store doesn’t care for the search engine, but works actively to market its products, it will also deliver value because it’s acquiring new users for Muncom.